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Did you know that sunglasses are just as important in the winter months as they are throughout the rest of the year? Here’s why.

UV RAYS: ALL YEAR ROUND, Regardless of age, our eyes needs protection from the harmful effects of UV rays. Protecting our eyes is serious business, more serious than most people realize. Over time, UV rays can in fact, lead to diseases of the eye such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and even cancer. And if your eyes are normally sensitive to bright light and the sun’s rays anyway, you certainly need protection ALL WINTER LONG.

BLINDING GLARE: You know how bright the sun can be when it reflects off the snow and hits your eyes – its blinding and it hurts, right? By simply putting a pair of sunglasses on, you can eliminate your eye’s distress. And don’t forget the kids! All children look adorable when trying on a cute pair of sunglasses. Don’t hesitate to pick them up a pair the next time you’re perusing through our kiddie styles. Remember, a sunglass purchase today is indeed, a healthy and proactive choice for their long term eye health.

If you’d like a pair of stylish sunglasses that you won’t want to ever leave home without, then be sure to visit Dr. Pavelgio at Clearview

Good Afternoon,

I wanted to express my thanks again to Julianne for staying last night
and fitting my son Jake and I with our glasses. I was not able to
arrive until right about 5:30pm and rather then turn us away and have
us come back another time we were greeted warmly and helped with a
smile. We were not rushed out, she took the time needed to explain the
new lenses to us. I appreciate the exceptional customer service and
look forward to coming to your office for future appointments.

Thank you again,


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